Report navigates the bespoke e-learning marketplace

30 Jan 2013

by: Margaret Snell

A best-practice report from elearnity aims to help organisations navigate more successfully through the bespoke e-learning marketplace.

In the past five years the bespoke development market has matured and the range of suppliers, their flexibility and range of options has grown. However, according to the report, some customers still have complaints about projects that fail to go smoothly or have disappointing outcomes.

Elearnity says its report aims to provide practical, independent advice about the best practices and processes that accelerate and de-risk bespoke e-learning projects.

David Perring, Director of Research for elearnity, said: “The global bespoke e-learning development market is incredibly localised and potentially inconsistent, and that combination can make engaging in even a modest project, fraught with rat-holes, dead-ends and trip hazards, that can lead to some uncomfortable and unexpected headaches.

“Selecting a bespoke learning partner because they have the lowest cost, doesn’t always translate into long term success. Partnering with the right provider, not just the cheapest is important.  By working with the best fit for you, with the right frameworks in place, it is possible to save a lot more money and create a lot more impact.”

The report can be downloaded free from: