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Enter the E-Learning Awards


Entering the E-Learning Awards is quick and easy.  Take the first steps to showing the world your outstanding e-learning!


Step 1

Decide which categories best suit your outstanding products or projects.  You can find out more about the categories and criteria here.


Step 2

Register your entries by completing the entry form.  It only takes a minute - all we need are your contact details, the name of your entries and your method of payment.  The deadline for registration of entries is  30 June 2014.


Step 3

Make your written submission - see below for further details.  The deadline for submissions is 31 July 2014 .



By entering the E-Learning Awards you are deemed to have read and accepted the terms and conditions.




Making your Submission

The deadline for all submissions is 31 July 2014. 


Your submission will determine whether or not your entry is shortlisted, so it is advisable to ensure that your submission covers all the basics effectively as set out in the criteria for the category you have entered. 


How you structure your submissions, and what you include, is very much up to you - there is no form to complete.  Most people use Word or submit a PDF but you can use whatever programme you feel is most appropriate.


You may find it useful to structure your submission around the following headings:


  • Background: You should supply information about all the organisations and key stakeholders involved in your submission, as well as the problems or issues your e-learning hoped to address.
  • Outline Solution: Detail the solution you devised and its objectives.
  • Challenges: Detail any challenges or further problems you encountered and how and they were addressed as part of the solution.
  • Results: Give as much information as you can about your results against the objectives.  Please include qualitative and quantitative data and any information about ROI.

You may also find these guidelines useful when putting your submission together.

Rules of Submission


Please ensure you have read the full terms and conditions before registering your entries or making your submissions.


By submitting an entry into the E-Learning Awards you agree to adhere to these terms and conditions.



The shortlist will be announced in September.  We will be announcing the shortlist by category order on Twitter first so make sure you're following @elearningawards to be the first to hear who has made it on to the shortlist.  Please also ensure we have your correct Twitter handle.


If you are shortlisted we will also contact you by email in September with further details.  This will include the date and time of your presentation if applicable to your chosen category.



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 Please ensure

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